NewsMag WordPress Theme is one of the most modern web themes offered by TagDiv. It’s a responsive and very clean theme, specially designed for the development of news websites, such as magazines and digital newspapers. It offers great ease of use for websites that need to be constantly updated.


Newsmag WordPress theme


With this theme you can also create a visually very attractive blog, incorporating shocking images and eye-catching captions. It offers complete support for SEO plugins, for an advantageous web positioning. And it works on all devices, both mobile and desktop.

Site design is a priority. It has been conceived so that the elements in the website are harmoniously integrated and can be easily read. But in order of simplify  the work even more, NewsMag WordPress Theme integrates several templates predesigned for different preferences. These designs can be loaded from the available demos with a single click. Surely it’s possible to find some layout that fits with the concept you can express in your web. A  WYSIWYG-based editor allows you to see with no doubt the final appearance of the changes that are being incorporated (WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get). Customizable backgrounds give you the ability to create an academic or serious news site, or a colorful,  amazing and creative web magazine, as you wish. Your imagination sets the limits!

Newsmag FREE?

Another point in favor is the including of 25 customizable widgets, that allow giving to the web a news site functons. The widgets add the possibility of user registration, sliders, a forecast for the weather, money exchange are so on. They’re already incorporated in the theme, so you do not need to pay or download additional plugins, nor verify for compatibility with the theme or if they look good.

The authors who participate in the web have their information conveniently displayed. You can sort them both by name or theme posted. The posts are distributed on the main page so that the same article is not listed twice on the main page. You can list most popular posts, trending posts, or recent posts. NewsMag WordPress Theme also offers a post review system, so your readers can rank the posts in your web.

Therefore we recommend NewsMag WordPress Theme. You’ll find it’s a great choice whenever you want to design and buid an awesome news or magazine site, with a full set of layouts and widgets.

Newsmag WordPress theme free


Are you planning to build an awesome news site? Maybe a top-trending fashion magazine? Or just a fancy blog about your hobby? Whatever the case, you’d need to customize the appearance for your site. We’d suggest you the Newsmag WordPress Theme, if you want to get a clean layout , with ease to use and a complete set of functions. This is a WP Theme specifically designed to ease the configuration of a news web or blog. It incorporates some helpful features for quick setting up of you web in a few clicks.

At first place, there’s the variety of layout templates. All of them fully tested for use with WordPress. With this templates, you’ll be able to get a professional look for your site, just with a click.

Newsmag WordPress theme download

The Newsmag WordPress Theme is full responsive, so you’ll never have to worry about how your web looks in mobile or desktop devices. Just install, and all screens and posts will display adequately. If you love DIY, you also can build your site using blocks, the Visual Composer or the WYSIWYG editor. With these easy-to-use tools, you’ll be able to customize your web according to your taste.

Widgets are another of the strengths this theme offers. You’ll find widgets for general information, for presentation of publications, for follow-up of cathegories and authors, etc. They will add value to your site, making it more attractive and easy to surf. Examples of this are the Social Widget, displaying your followers’ social interaction; the Weather Widget, displaying the day forecast; or the Money Exchange Widget. These are must-have widgets in a news site. Also you’ll find general purpose widgets, like the Popular Posts Widgets, the Author Box Widget, or the Instagram Widget.

Even there is an Ad Box Widget, that offers a beautiful way to show ads in your site. This is a key point in website development, due to monetizing is a need for most of web owners.

Add YOAST support to the previous list, an easy post rank system, author listing by name or by number of posts, e-commerce support and the ability to avoid displaying a post two times in the homepage, and you’ll possibly find the theme you were searching for.

So, if your goal is to build an awesome customizable news site, with ease to use, your choice should be NewsMag WordPress Theme. Install it, and surely you’ll never regret.

Newsmag WordPress theme download


Undoubtedly, the guys at TagDiv have scored with the release of Newsmag WordPress Theme. At first glance, it looks like another decent theme for news web development. But a bit deeper view reveals one of the most versatile and easy to use themes. Not only you can build a clean and simple blog for an specific topic, or a serious digital newspaper, but also a colorful and dynamic web magazine, full of creativity.

Newsmag WordPress

That’s due to the ability of Newsmag WordPress Theme to incorpore flexible layouts as building tools for your site. Any of these layouts can be incorporated to your web, radically changing its look. From plain white background to a hi-res amazing picture, your web can show a catching personality.

On the other hand, the usage of Smart Content Blocks as building modules for your web, guarantees an auto adjustable size for each element in your web. This is a fully responsive theme, for ease of navigation on both desktop or mobile devices.

Also, a wide set of custom widgets gives enough elements to custom your web. Some widgets are frequent in a news site, i.e., a weather widget. It’s nice to get a forecast while you’re reading your local news report. And maybe you could find useful an exchange widget for the most relevant currency. But also you can find the traditional and useful widgets for author listing, or trending posts.

You can assemble your site with the complete toolset provided with Newsmag WordPress Theme. From a handy Visual Composer, to a WYSIWYG post editor, Newsmag gives you full control of how your site will look.


But the appearance is not the only important thing here; you can easily monetize your site, using the Ad Box Widget, check the social activity of your followers with the Social Counter Widget, or your top trending posts with the Popular Posts Widget. Newsmag WordPress Theme is full SEO compatible, so you can install your favourite SEO plugin. The theme has been optimized to allow the maximum load speed. This is great, in order to keep the visitors’ interest. Shorter upload times mean more visitors in your site.

Newsmag WordPress free


For a 49 USD retail price, you´ll find Newsmag WordPress Theme offers a lot of benefits for your money. Versatility, ease of use, fast upload speed and full suport makes this one of the best choices available for building a professional news site or magazine.Newsmag WordPress theme free download


Newsmag is a WordPress theme aimed at creating a news website. It’s called magazine style. It has a newspaper or news design.Its strong point is design. This is evident in the different pre-designed templates that will save us a lot of work. Although the templates are totally configurable to our taste they are a good starting point to start with. Below are eight of the ten demos that are offered.


Although Newsmag is mainly oriented towards news, it is also useful for presenting videos on a website and for ratings and reviews. This template uses a very clean code in order to increase your SEO performance. It is very easy to use and has excellent support. It is also fully responsive and supports ad integration.

Newsmag includes some widgets or plugins typically for web magazine type websites free of charge. This way it facilitates us a widget of meteorology, currency exchange rates or social interaction counter.

When we have a magazine we often try to monetize it through advertising space. They can be sponsorship or advertising of the Adsense type. This topic is very oriented to facilitate our work to integrate this type of ads. It includes various types of ad designs and places to include them.

One of the best novelties that Newsmag has included is the potential it has given to the categories. If we have news from different categories and we want to see only those of a category type shows us a page of that category with a very integrated design.

Newsmag is a theme that stands out, in addition to demos or templates, for its elegant style, loading speed and good support it offers.

Newsmag Features – WordPress Template

-10 pre-defined templates or demos directed to news, which are installed with one click.

-Design with Visual Composer, which makes its configuration much easier for us (dragging and placing).

-Google Adsense Integration.

-100% responsive Design. Optimal visualization on mobile devices.

-Possibility to include videos.

-A rating system can be included.

-Optimized for SEO.

-Easy to translate into other languages, from the same control panel.

-Possibility of setting the menu.

-Unlimited sidebars.

-10 designs for the footer.

-Various exclusive widgets.

-Sticky Sidebar (for fixing the side bar).

-Highly documented and with tutorial videos.

It is one of the best-selling templates for WordPress magazine, with over 7,500 sales and an impressive 4.84 (out of 5) theme rating of over 770 users.


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